Variables affecting the Current Market-Review

There is no shortage of willing investors for the right projects. In uncertain times, the challenge remains how best to identify the right opportunities, create asset value and meet consumer demands effectively...

This requires an integrated approach with the right skills at hand to enable the identified opportunity to be moved from its concept development phase beyond the drawing board to full implementation. Keeping an eye on market conditions, Douglas Grant reviewed early year industry predictions for 2019 from a range of sources to see if anything had changed in the many of the  variables and issues affecting the industry.


Leaving aside potential EU structural changes, international trade disputes and imbalances in economic performance in various European economies (all highly significant but impossible to predict!) key themes in current articles continue to centre around some obvious positives, each with their own relevant caveats:

…alongside the challenges posed by:

Have early year predictions been held out to be true? Yes, the same issues resurface time and again.

Have they changed? Not really, the economic backdrop perhaps but the core industry challenges remain.


For the lodging and hospitality sector (a business within a property envelope) this calls for an integrated approach to ensure your team has insight into the macro tourism picture, practical operational issues and drivers of property asset value. This is what Arc offers: recent experiences by Partners cover Feasibility & Business Reviews, Development Projects and Property Asset Management roles.


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