Tourism Strategy-Almaty-Bishkek Corridor

Tourism Strategy-Almaty-Bishkek Corridor - Investment Identification and Policy Recommendations
Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

The Corridor Initiative is an ADB devised programme designed to assist development of economic activity in these two major Central Asian cities and the hinterland/economic space that contains and connects them.


The programme is multi-sectoral, covering health, education, agriculture, urban planning and IT as well as tourism and it is designed to identify and address constraints and opportunities of an economic, physical and policy nature which will support and encourage public and private sector investments that will assist growth in economic activity.


Tourism recommendations include improved road infrastructure, opening of the mountain border areas, developing trekking and climbing routes and infrastructure, improving planning controls, utilities provision and environmental conditions around Lake Issyk-Kul, investment in new and improved ski resorts and conference facilities, better cross-border tourism cooperation and planning in terms of mountain safety, tourism development and marketing.

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