Hotel Market & Development Feasibility

Hotel Market & Development Feasibility -
Coventry, U.K.

As part of a real estate transaction involving the transfer of ownership of a leased piece of land for potential hotel development, our clients sought to obtain an independent market view of the sites potential for hotel use and also an independent review of the potential development costs involved.


Our work in Coventry which involved Partners with Hospitality operations, market study and construction experience included:

  • Site assessment and analysis
  • Review of recent changes to the tourism and economic profile of the city
  • Visits and assessments of the key hotels in  the city
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Review of relevant commercial factors related to the specific site
  • A full cost appraisal of the proposed scheme 


  • A full Market & Site Review including 5 year Trading estimates
  • A detailed Development Cost analysis identifying site specific development costs

Following the feasibility a valuation was completed and negotiations between the relevant parties are ongoing.

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The site adjoins the iconic Wasps stadium and issues such as the ability of the hotel to work with the existing hotel (integrated into the stadium) were a key part of the assessment and needed to be taken into consideration.