Strategic Hotel Portfolio Review

Owner Advisory & Profit Optimisation -

In the context of a strategic review there was a need to identify the key operational,physical and market attributes of a  range of different hotels and identify their strengths,weaknesses and potential future development options.


Working for a specialist advsiory company and with an internationally experienced General Manager, we carried out hotel inspections, interviews with management, reviews of trading performance and of marketing and other strategic issues.


The output included a summary overview of key strategic conclusions by property and this was followed by subsequent involvement in an asset management role. Business Reviews took place in a variety of locations and of hotels of different standards.  This required:

  • Site visits
  • Interviews with management
  • Trading reviews
  • Assessment of differing options for conversion,branding,investment or disposal
  • Strategic issues related to improving trading including marketing and revenue managment


This provided a summary overview of key strategic conclusions by property to assist managment in developing future strategy and in the subsequent asset management phase.

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