Real Estate Advisory & Asset Management

Real Estate Advisory-Acquisition & Asset Management - Asset Management Plan
Bielefeld, Germany


We identified the subject property through our extensive network of real estate and banking contacts.


Established that the property was held as collateral for several non-performing loans and that there was an opportunity to acquire the debt at a discount to the property’s market value.


Following this phase we developed an outline asset management plan with client and managed acquisition process, liaising with banks, lawyers and professional advisers. Structured the acquisition of the collateral for a token sum from the distressed owner, simultaneously completing the acquisition of the senior debt and removal of charges by 2no. mezzanine lenders.


Upon completion, investor controlled a prominent city centre property with strong asset management potential and the ability through our team of local market specialists to implement a repositioning of the asset, increasing performance for the occupiers and increasing the capital value.

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