Tourism Impact Analysis

Tourism Impact Analysis - Tourism Market, Economic Impact Analysis and Mitigation Measures Identification
Bujagali Falls, River Nile, Uganda

The Greater Jinja area includes a 20km downstream stretch of the Nile, which is now the centre for Ugandan adventure tourism whose principal draw is the Bujagali Falls area, one of the world’s most exhilarating series of grade five rapids, around which a major white water rafting business has grown up.


A new power station planned for construction ( now operational) at the Bujagali Falls required a dam creating an artificial lake, flooding an upstream section of the river, including some rapids, and impacted upon riverside communities, wildlife and existing business activities.


World Bank funding required examination of the different impacts and identification of mitigation measures to assist the adventure tourism companies to maintain their activities and enable local communities to continue to benefit from visitors attracted to the area.


Measures identified included new roads, access and exit points to the river below the dam, a visitor centre, support to riverside communities to develop eco-tourism activities and build visitor centres interpreting their tribal heritage.

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