Tourism Statistics and Tourism Satellite Account Technical Mission

Tourism Statistics and TSA Workshop - Evaluative and Diagnostic analysis, Recommendations for Improvement
Thimphu and Paro, Kingdom of Bhutan

Tourism is a critical sector within the Bhutan economy but the measurement of important aspects of its financial and economic contribution needed to be better understood and strengthened. The introduction of a Tourism Satellite Account (TSA), a sophisticated approach to modelling the value of tourism to an economy, was the aspiration of the Bhutan Government and the consulting assignment was designed to be the first step along the road to that goal.


The starting point was a review of the existing system of tourism statistics, the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the data collection, its analysis and dissemination. Through the identification of data gaps and weaknesses and institutional shortcomings a series of recommendations for technical assistance and capacity building were put forward in a three year implementation plan.


The assignment was conducted through the use of a one week workshop where the participants were representatives of the directly concerned ministries, Central Bank and private sector stakeholders involved with collection, analysis and use of tourism statistics.

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