18th April 2016 -Tsingtao to Tourism-Arc Consulting Partner heads for China

Jim Fletcher, Partner at Arc Consulting Partners has set off for a 2 month assignment to China. As part of a multi-disciplinary consulting team Jim will be will be helping assess tourism’s economic impact, its contribution to GDP and employment and looking at the investment climate, the system of tourism statistics and the effectiveness of data collection to help prepare a Ten Year Tourism Development Master Plan for the Province for the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) on behalf of the Shandong Development and Reform Commission (SDRC) and the Shandong Province Tourism Administration (SPDA) who wish to see tourism develop as a major pillar of the provincial economy.


Shandong in China is an Eastern coastal province located midway between Beijing and Shanghai. With a rich and diverse economy that includes fossil fuels, minerals, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing the Province produces 33% of the nation’s petroleum, 40% of national wine production and a leading share of fisheries output. The Chinese philosopher Confucius was born in Shandong, China was first proclaimed a united kingdom in Shandong in 219 BC while more recently the coastal port of Qingdao hosted the Olympic sailing events in 2008 and is home to China’s iconic beer Tsingtao.