Hotel Pre-Opening Activity -Owners Challenges

In the third and final in a series of articles on Owner’s Challenges in Hotel/Resort pre-opening James Munro deals with the challenges immediately before the opening of the hotel and the need to actively co-ordinate all activities systematically to ensure a smooth and successful opening for your enterprise so that the project can be delivered on time and on budget.

The critical core actions for this final phase are outlined in the following seven point plan:

1. Consistently regularly monitor the critical paths of the main contractor, subcontractors, project manager and operator/ franchisee(if relevant) to ensure a co- ordinated approach to the property opening.

2. Immediately bring any concerns you may have to the project manager for resolution and challenge their responses if you are not convinced.

3. Consistently review procurement schedules and delivery deadlines as any the lack of timely delivery of critical items can seriously jeopardise the launch/opening of your asset.

4. Personally consistently attend the weekly construction/ co- ordination meetings to get a feeling for how the project is developing and to anticipate potential challenges and problems.

5. Ensure that your cash flow forecasts fully reflect the cost of the project so that adequate funds are available for every stage of the project.

6. Appoint the key members of your operation team in good time so that they can fully direct the pre-opening processes and take full responsibility for the opening for their area of responsibility.

6. Actively interact with your team to ensure that all levels of recruitment are phased according to operational needs leaving sufficient time for effective orientation and on job training of your employees so that they are ready to perform to your standard on Day1.

7. Allow enough funds, people and time to be deployed to effectively market your new property both digitally and off line simultaneously to ensure engaged market awareness with potential clients and create a “buzz” prior to the opening of the property.

Have an orderly and successful opening!

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