We are very pleased to announce a new working relationship with Guy Wilkinson of Viability in Dubai, UAE, who will provide access into the Gulf and wider Middle East and Africa real estate, hospitality and tourism markets.

Guy and his team have an extensive and in-depth knowledge of these sectors in that part of the world and have been engaged in a variety of high-profile assignments there. We are actively developing a tailored package of services with them to support not only investors from that region who have real estate and hospitality interests here in the UK and Europe (where we can help with a range of support appraisal, asset management and due diligence services), but also British and European hotel chains, developers and related suppliers and service providers who are looking to enter the Middle East, or who have outposts there already. Please contact us to gain market insight into exploiting opportunities in either region, or to help provide support to your cross-border business interests and projects.