James Munro’s reviews our recent business activity:

“I would like to highlight the fact that our project portfolio and client base has gradually diversified from pure market appraisals and feasibility studies to include other more dynamic commercial aspects related to lodging and hospitality businesses...

This reflects the wider skills available through our in house direct operational management expertise. Assignments include developing the business case for the planning stages of a new project and providing in-depth hotel operational expertise to the clients of law companies specialising in our industry.

We have also worked with the public sector in examining the potential of hotels to enhance their local economies and private sector investors reviewing the business case of mixed use schemes that include a hotel or hospitality element in the mix. Extending our services to the Travel Industry to compliment Jim Fletcher’s Tourism Economy expertise now also becomes possible with Steve O’Hara joining the partnership. Our recent activity has included assignments in the AME geographical area covering site appraisals in newly emerging hotel markets and helping assess the benefits of hotel and tourism investment in many of the regions of England .”