Destination in Sight but bumps likely in the road ahead

Today, nobody can predict what the overall effects will be to the travel and hospitality sectors that will emerge from the darker shadows of the Covid story but there is at least now a case to be made that the road ahead is clearer, albeit with many bumps likely along the way. What is clear is that we are heading for a 're-set' of sorts in all walks of life. The third session of the Panel for Travel & Hospitality (PATH TO Reset) took place earlier this week and identified issues that are beginning to shape the colour of that recovery (recognising that this is an ever evolving story). The panel includes travel & hospitality professionals from Taylor Wessing, the European Tour Operators Association, Dexter Moren, Liz Hall Consulting , Gerard Nolan & Partners and EY (with guest speakers having included Hilton) We summarise in our own words the output below and welcome comment and input to future sessions.

words the output below and welcome comment and input to future sessions.

1)      Good news at last Travel is commencing with European air corridors being negotiated and the planned opening of hospitality outlets (from July 4th in the UK).  To further encourage the 'UK is open for business' message there is a need to:

2)  Markets & Recovery

No ‘one size fits all’ solution exists.

Consumer first steps and confidence is the key to recovery.

3)         Practical realities have now begun to shape and alter what were initially idealistic and aspirational government pronouncements. Examples include adapting the quarantine policy to the traffic light system and the pragmatic realisation that some ideas cannot be implemented easily (e.g. providing names at pubs which has GDPR implications) but at least there are signs of flexibility with unenforceable points being adapted.

4)      Business Recovery -Pivoting every which way

 5) Financial Impacts-The iceberg beneath the surface

A lot of stress remains hidden beneath the surface which will only reveal itself in full when essential 'comfort blankets' begin to be withdrawn. Only once furlough support is removed, government support (in the form of Business bounce back loans) ends and financiers and landlords stop kicking the can down the road ...will the full effects of the crisis on those weakest to survive it become apparent:

Douglas Grant, Arc Consulting Partners with thanks to panel members and guests listed below for their active engagement.

Mario Bodini, Chairman Travel Curious, former CEO JAC Travel, Chairman European Tourism Association ETOA); Christian Mole, UK&I Head of EY Hospitality & Leisure; Richard Bursby,Head of Hotels & Leisure Group,Taylor Wessing LLP; Liz Hall, formerly Head of Hospitality & Leisure Research at PwC & Deloitte);Dexter Moren,award winning practice of architecture and interior design;Gerard Nolan, C1 Capital, Gerard Nolan & Partners, Hotel Owner & Hotel Real Estate Specialist & Investor; Nick Smart, Vice President Development,Hilton Hotels - North and West Europe;James Munro,Arc Partner, Hotel & Resorts Operational Management;