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Latest news from Arc Consulting Partners. (Founding Partners pictured left to right: David Ledger, Nigel Teasdale, Geoffrey Dobson, Jim Fletcher, James Munro & Douglas Grant) .Steve O 'Hara joined us in 2019.


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2021 : A changed landscape

2021 is likely to be an experiment but at least it will be the start of ‘the road back’ to a radically changed landscape.

The Big Climb Back: Unlocking a path to reset after the pandemic

As prospects for normality finally seem within reach, business leaders, investors, employees, suppliers and the professional community are all planning their respective climbs back up the mountain. The path to a reset is becoming clearer, if still surrounded in uncertainty....we explore how this will evolve in our article below.



From Hero to Zero and Back Again

Hotel businesses took a battering that has recorded unheard of room occupancies of 0% to 15% alongside closed pubs, empty restaurants, and a food and a beverage offering limited to take-aways and home delivery. ...

Botswana Tourism Master Plan


Our Tourism Partner, Jim Fletcher has been working as the tourism economist in a small team assembled by UNWTO undertaking the Phase 1, Situation Analysis stage, of the Sustainable Tourism Master Plan for the Kasane-Kazungula area in North Eastern Botswana. This article explores the work they are undertaking.

Destination in Sight but bumps likely in the road ahead

Today, nobody can predict what the overall effects will be to the travel and hospitality sectors that will emerge from the darker shadows of the Covid story but there is at least now a case to be made that the road ahead is clearer, albeit with many bumps likely along the way. What is clear is that we are heading for a 're-set' of sorts in all walks of life. The third session of the Panel for Travel & Hospitality (PATH TO Reset) took place earlier this week and identified issues that are beginning to shape the colour of that recovery (recognising that this is an ever evolving story). The panel includes travel & hospitality professionals from Taylor Wessing, the European Tour Operators Association, Dexter Moren, Liz Hall Consulting , Gerard Nolan & Partners and EY (with guest speakers having included Hilton) We summarise in our own words the output below and welcome comment and input to future sessions.

New 2020 Arc Consulting Introductory Brochure

Featuring the team, our profiles and new Associates in both the Middle East and in the golf sector, our introductory brochure provides an overview of our services and how we can help clients in a wide range of hospitality and tourism projects.

We look forward to hearing from you-call 00 44 7785 514831 or contact us on

Measuring Risk. A challenge for travel & hospitality consumers and their suppliers

As consumers face the prospects of deciding when to travel, who with and how (by road,rail,sea or air) and worrying whether they could be turned back before departure if a temperature is detected, suppliers are grappling with how best to reassure clients that risk is minimised by dealing with hygiene factors as a key element of their offer. Measuring risk has therefore risen high on personal agendas and will influence behaviour and marketing messages. Our images highlight the conundrum-gingerly cross the ravine and/or stay out of the water?

Green Shoots & Crystal Balls- Travel & Hospitality Reset

With a travel and hospitality sector hit hard in the current climate, we are all looking for signs of recovery but no one knows where, or when that will come, and in what form. It's far too early for green shoots and there are plenty of crystal balls to look into.Our current journey is a Path towards a 'Reset' (whatever that may turn out to be). In this summary we consider -and hope to influence-some of the factors that will shape its eventual outcome.


Covid -19 Crisis-STR Global Updates

Arc has kept close to how the industry is responding to the current pandemic through interacting with data sources and networking groups within the industry.

Panel for Travel & Hospitality-PATH (to Reset) formed

Arc is delighted to welcome an experienced panel of professionals from the travel and hospitality sectors to a Panel exploring issues related to the likely 'Reset' that our sectors will face as the current crisis is resolved.

Hospitality Tomorrow-Virtual Conference & The New Abnormal

Thanks to Jonathan Worsely and all those behind the first Virtual Hospitality Conference that took place post the Covid-19 crisis on 7th April. This was a widely attended event with over 3,000 participants globally and included presentations and networking sessions showing the breadth and international nature of our industry.


We are very pleased to announce a new working relationship with Guy Wilkinson of Viability in Dubai, UAE, who will provide access into the Gulf and wider Middle East and Africa real estate, hospitality and tourism markets.

Annual Hotel Conference Manchester Review

Somewhere in Asia?, Parts of a European city?

No, its October. It must be Manchester where we joined clients, colleagues and associates and other sector specialists at the Annual Hotel Conference (AHC).

Douglas Grant reviews some of the outcomes...At the opening of the conference,AIB’s economic overview touched on the essential underlying strengths of the UK economy (whether ‘in or out’). Low interest rates are likely to continue, and our low regulation economic environment is anticipated to remain attractive to foreign investors whatever flags we fly above our buildings. Challenges are in productivity and in rising wages-both of immediate relevance to the lodging and hospitality industry. Going forward ….


James Munro’s reviews our recent business activity:

“I would like to highlight the fact that our project portfolio and client base has gradually diversified from pure market appraisals and feasibility studies to include other more dynamic commercial aspects related to lodging and hospitality businesses...


This man takes his job too seriously. Jim Fletcher visited one part of Africa as the economist on a four-man team in Lesotho....

Steve O Hara Joins as Finance & Travel Industry Partner

We are very pleased to welcome Steve O'Hara as a Partner in Arc Consulting Partners LLP with a focus on Finance & the Travel Industry

Current Tourism Issues-Okavango Delta,Botswana

Tourism continues to be the bright backdrop globally as visitor numbers increase but even here there are significant challenges in certain locations Jim Fletchers summary here of a current issue illustrates.

Discovery Park-a Property Asset Management role

An example of asset management in the wider property sector is best Illustrated by Geoffrey Dobson's recent role as (interim) Head of Property at Discovery Park, one of the largest science parks in Europe...

Variables affecting the Current Market-Review

There is no shortage of willing investors for the right projects. In uncertain times, the challenge remains how best to identify the right opportunities, create asset value and meet consumer demands effectively...

Hotel Pre-Opening Activity -Owners Challenges

In the third and final in a series of articles on Owner’s Challenges in Hotel/Resort pre-opening James Munro deals with the challenges immediately before the opening of the hotel and the need to actively co-ordinate all activities systematically to ensure a smooth and successful opening for your enterprise so that the project can be delivered on time and on budget.

Property Investment- Back from the Middle East

Geoffrey Dobson represented Arc Consulting Partners at the EGi’s Middle East Real Estate Forum last month, meeting clients and highlighting the firms activities in the region.


Cycling for Mental Health and Dementia

For the second time running and hopefully in better weather, Arc is supporting Partner Douglas Grant in the Prudential 100 mile challenge on August 4th

Hotel Real Estate Investment-REFI Briefing

A great session exploring institutional investors new found -or more accurately more enthusiatic in recent times-appetite for the hotel sector!


Middle East Real Estate Forum: where East meets West

Arc Consulting Partners are pleased to be taking part in the Middle East Real Estate Forum hosted by EGi at the Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai on the 30th April. We look forward to meeting clients, identifying opportunities to support investors .where our integrated skills in the Hospitality, Real Estate and Tourism sectors can add value.but also to meeting other experts collaborating between the UK and Middle East.


The impact of Tourism and what can be done about it

Jim Fletcher, Arc's well travelled Tourism Partner explores the subject of mass tourism that has grabbed headlines in recent times.

From A to Z : Trends & Choices in hotel brands

The hotel and lodging sector now offers a wide range of exciting hotel brands as trends and consumer tastes change...we take a look at some recent themes in our article...


'Ensuring Great Experiences and Sustainable Outcomes’

Keeping abreast of hotel and tourism developments in the South East Region, Nigel Teasdale, Arc's Partner in Bangkok was at this key networking event attended by over 600 guests.

Cost Certainty in the Development Process

David Ledger, specialist in construction feasibility and project management at Arc Consulting Partners talks about projects he has worked on recently




View from the East

Nigel Teasdale , Partner, Bangkok office, provides us with an insight into trends out East...

The Changing face of Accommodation & Travel

With a steady stream of reminders in current press articles about change and uncertainty in the market we remember how change has actually been constant over time in accommodation and travel and has lessons for the future.

The unique challenges facing councils in hotel developments

In this months Public Property magazine (news and analysis on the management of the public sector estate) the following article which touches on public sector involvement in hotel related projects was published and covers examples of some of the work carried out by Arc Consulting Partners during the year...


Business Meets Culture at the World Travel Market this week

Alongside thousands of visitors from around the world, Arc Consulting Partners Jim Fletcher, Douglas Grant and James Munro will be re-establishing international links to travel and hospitality industry contacts at World Travel Market in Olympia this coming week.


Call us on 0044 207 859 4547 or e mail us on if you're travelling over-we would like to meet.









The Annual Hotel Conference (AHC) takes place next week (4th-6th October) in Manchester, Independent Hotel Show (IHS) (17th -18th October) at Olympia and World Travel Market (WTM) (5th-7th November), Excel London...Acronyms abound! We will be at all events, look us up!



Challenges & Opportunities in the Global Hotel market

Our latest Newsletter highlights recent trends in the sector...

Hotel Rooms Handover

Assisting hotel projects both in Europe and the UK...the most sigificant is the Taj in London where David Ledgers team has now delivered Phase 1...

Hotel & Resort Pre- Opening Challenges for Owners new to the Hospitality Sector

In the second of a series of articles on pre- opening challenges for Hotel Owners, our partner from the operational side of the business, James Munro has collaborated with David Ledger our Development Partner, give an insight of the process involved in constructing or converting a new hotel from the Owners’ viewpoint.

Asian Investment Flows to Hotels

Nigel Teasdale, based in Bangkok comments on the trend for Asian based investors to target European reproduced from a publication in e Hotelier below

Botswana Tourism Strategy underway

Jim Fletcher, Tourism Partner sets out this weekend to Botswana for a week long set of meetings as part of a study to develop a Master Plan for Botswana Tourism.

From Minor to Major-SE Asian Funds flow into the Hotel sector

The growth of South East Asian investment into hotels looks set to continue as Nigel Teasdale sets out in his recent article...

Mind over Matter-Fundraising for mental health & dementia

To raise funds for Mind, the mental health charity and Dementia, Douglas Grant is taking part in the Ride 100 cycle challenge on July 29th...




Geoff Dobson hosts guests at Kingston Regatta fundraiser

Geoff Dobson Real Estate Investment Partner hosted a table table sponsored by Arc Consulting Partners, where we we delighted to share the day with clients & colleagues,

at the CNM Estates organised event at the Kingston Regatta



In this first of a series of articles, James Munro with 24 years of General and Area international management experience behind him focuses on the strategic issues that owners face post acquisition when exploiting a hotel/resort related opportunity and considering their options going forward to optimise their asset. When an investor acquires a new or existing hotel or resort the next steps aren’t quite as simple as the headline suggests....



Development & Valuation Skills for Arc Clients

Daniel Pugh MRICS Joins Arc Consulting Partners bringing additional skills to the company


Arc Consulting Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Pugh MRICS as a consultant, bringing additional expertise to the skills on offer to the company’s hotel and hospitality clients

Our Man in the Farasan

Jim Fletcher attended the Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market (STTIM) held recently in Riyadh, participating on the Farasan Islands stand (pictured) as part of his on-going work on the Farasan Islands Tourism Master Plan project being undertaken for the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH).

Arc Sponsors Legs for Minds

On July 29th alongside many thousands of others also looking to raise funds for valuable causes Douglas Grant will challenge a set of rather slow legs to complete the 100 mile Prudential cycle ride with the objective of raising £1000+ for charities linked to mental health and dementia .


If you are aware of the effects of either mental health conditions or had an aged friend or relative suffer from a form of dementia which severely affects balance and has other side effects (DLB or Dementia with Lewy Bodies) then my legs are cycling for you. Whatever you are able to do will be gratefully received and highly motivational! Please use the following link


Main Image credited to <a href="">Technology vector created by Freepik</a>

Reaching New Heights-the sky's the limit?

2018 Hotel Investment Conference



‘Reaching new heights’ was the theme of the international hotel investment conference this last week held in Berlin and attracting over 2000 professionals.


The vibe was positive-most European markets are (in hotel terms) performing well ...

Exploring opportunities at MIPIM-interacting with investors and fellow professionals

Real Estate Investment and Asset Management Partner Geoffrey Dobson will be exploring real estate opportunities in Cannes at Europes largest property event.


Look out for  at the property sectors main event next week (+447932 150486, ) ..having just attended the hotel investment conference in Berlin we are currently exploring a range of opportunities where our integrated services can deliver opportunities and complete projects in both hospitality and other forms of real estate

The Owners’ View: Increasing Profitability

A key topic at this years annual hotel industry conference in Berlin next week. From a global overview through to specific topics relevant to the industry IHIF is the 'must go to' hotel investment industry event.


Arc is participating and we look forward to meeting clients, colleagues, friends and associates there. Do make contact with #Douglas Grant on +44 (0) 7785 514831 anytime during Monday to Wednesday to discuss your requirements.



Jim Fletcher was part of a six person delegation of the Tourism Society to take part in a meeting at the EBRDs offices in February in the city of London.

Left to Right: Jim Fletcher, Richard Denman, David McEwen, Roger Goodacre, Silvia Barbone, Jonathan Karkut of the EBRD and Robert Brown.

Earlier this year Jim Fletcher, our Tourism Partner and an actve member of the Tourism Society, found himself in the Silk Road city of Khiva in Uzbekistan. Khiva is one of the three fabled Silk Road cities along with Bukhara and Samarkand, all UNESCO World Heritage Sites and all in Uzbekistan
Listening to Hotel Investors

Finance,Management,Operations,Marketing & Distribution, Development....Its all there,. Nigel Teasdale,Partner, attends the Hotel Investors summit

in Abu Dhabi...

Sector Services span the Arc

New Arc overlay banner sets out the range of our services and the logic of our name-as they span one end of the 'arc' to the other.

Encouraging start to 2018 courtesy of Andrew Neil and Christie & Co

We attended Christie& Co's Business Review 2018 to network and update our knowledge on sector activity across all relevant real estate and operating types.


Andrew Neil was guest speaker who gave an interesting and at times controversial global overview of all things macro: economy,politics and issues, ending with an interesting sector Q&A to relevant Christie specialisits.


Arc Consulting 2017 Wrap Up

2017-Wrap up


In a year when Harry met Meghan, the Brits began to leave the EU, the US President twittered endlessly and Africa continued to see both famine and political change, fortunately our sector welcomed more disruptors and continued to thrive.


Tourism development evolved, hotel portfolio ownership changes took place, brand proliferation continued following the effects of the major Marriott/Starwood merger, niche lifestyle concepts such as Joe & Joe emerged, Airbnb cemented its positioning and the non-traditional hospitality offer to consumers widened.....

October 2017 Every Penny Counts-Creating Value in Hotel Property

David Ledger, Arc's Development Partner, spoke at the Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester on the construction and property related aspects of 'Every Penny Counts'










Cycling for Charity (Shelter) and Local Causes (Kingston)

Wearing the coveted Arc Consulting Partners branded jersey , Geoffrey Dobson Real Estate Investment Partner joins the annual CBRE bike ride in aid of Shelter, the homeless charity-valuable practice for the Surrey 100 ride later in July in aid of local causes in Kingston

14th June Prime Opportunity for Hotel Development in Koh Samui Thailand announced

Prime opportunity for hotel development announced for undeveloped site in Koh Samui-contact Arc Partners for details

Arc Supports Local Causes -
Kingston upon Thames

Arc is pleased to sponsor Geoffrey Dobson, our Real Estate Investment & Asset Management Partner in his quest to raise funds for local causes by riding up Box Hill, Newlands Corner and Leith Hill amongst other challenges as part of the Prudential 100 Bike Ride in July. Do support him in his lycra clad and challenging journey!

Pictured above: Geoff with the Mayor of Kingston-home to a new Doubletree hotel!

Focusing on Owners Needs in S.E Asia

Hotel investment summit in SE Asia

Property Development Site Visit-Taj Hotel St James,London

Arc Partner David Ledger shows Arc partners the improvements being carried out as part of a major invesment in the Taj Hotel St James in London where his project management team are implementing a wide ranging scheme

May 2017 Arc Helps Explore the Value in Hotel Operations


James Munro, responsible for Hotel & Resort & Residential Management at Arc Consulting Partners, is taking part in a panel discussion at Hotel Analyst's forthcoming Hotel Operations Conference on May 24th in London.





May 2017 Field work starts for Zambia Tourism Development Plans

 ‘Zambia National Tourism Master Plan’, financial support for which has been provided to the Government of Zambia/Ministry of Tourism and Arts by the EU.


Jim Fletcher is the Tourism Economist on the project team and we are undertaking the work in a series of research and field work visits to the country which began earlier this year and is expected to be finished by November.



P.S. The photograph is of Victoria Falls 

20th April : Hotels: The Rise of an Asset Class

Breakfast Briefing on Hotels: Rise of an Asset Class at DLA Piper offices

International Hotelier Joins Arc

We are delighted to announce that James Munro formerly of Starwood Hotels & Resorts will join us with immediate effect. James adds in depth hotels and resorts management skills to our client assignments.


Arc Overview Brochure -downloadable here

‘Finding the right asset’ & ‘staying relevant’ themes of hotel investment- IHIF Berlin 2017

Last week we were reminded that hospitality remains a vibrant and ever changing industry. Tourism and Travel is still growing internationally and driving demand for accommodation of all types. Ideas, Challenges & Opportunities in the industry include...

1 March 2017 -Article...Uncertainty is the new certainty....

Most commentary today makes reference to the current ‘disruptors’ which abound… how do these affect the global hospitality sector?


We are an industry that creates jobs, promotes travel, improves cultural ties and encourages people to cross restrictive barriers and borders. Nevertheless it is not immune to the effects of change...

22nd February 2017 Alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation investment

Checking out the wider accommodation sector...

6 February 2017 -
Seismic changes brought about by OTAS's...Nigel Teasdale's views from the Gulf & Indian Ocean Hotel Investors' Summit in Abu Dhabi

Seismic changes brought about by the On Line Travel Agents to the sector...

11th February -Heading for Zambia to explore tourism potential

Jim Fletcher, Partner, is on a two week trip to Zambia viewing sites across the country

26th January Telegraph -Google & Others provide a view on Marketing from an SME perspective
12th January 2017-Christie & Co Business Review

Overviews of the hotpitality and real estate sectors and an insightful presentation by AndrewNeil

10th January 2017-12th New Year Investment Summit

Opportunities continue to exist across the industry despite the many well documented uncertanties in the operating and transaction environments

9th December -Arc Insights -Five Areas of Focus

As the year draws to a close, all of us at send you season's greetings and our best wishes for a prosperous new year. Below we recommend five areas of focus to make 2017 your best year ever. As always, we are on hand to advise with planning, implementation and asset management. 

28th November 2016-Move of Arc Consuiting Partners offices
25th November: Kingston Business Briefing and Visit to new Doubletree by Hilton
10th November-Keeping up with Hospitality Trends- Geoff Dobson and Douglas Grant attend STR Briefing at the Mondrian Hotel
8th November Meeting with Divine Owusu of Ghana's Ministry of Tourism at World Travel Market
8th November Mapping the route through Brexit-Geoff Dobson, Real Estate Partner attends Festival of Business 2016
10th October 2016 Arc Appointed to sell 6 acre Koh Samui Site,Thailand
23rd September PwC's Facing the Future (in Hotels) -A question of balance
8th July -When is a Garden City not a Garden City? Dave Edwards article published in Planning and Building Control today
24th June Master Planning Partner David Edwards wins 1st place in visioning study competition
1st May 2016-Yiming Yang joins Arc as Consultant -Real Estate Investment(Asia)
27th May 2016-Mindsmith Working session on Values
19th April 2016 Placemake Article Published by Arc Consulting Partner
18th April 2016 -Tsingtao to Tourism-Arc Consulting Partner heads for China
17th December 2015: New Trends for 2016
20th November 2015: Arc Consulting Partners review UK based luxury development
30th November 2015: New Website
4th November 2015: World Travel Market
26th November 2015: Douglas Grant attended WTM sessions on Lodging and Trends
4th November 2015: Simon Roberts attended sessions on latest technology trends
21st October 2015 Silk Road Initiative Meeting
Jim Fletcher attended the UNWTO
Jim Fletcher interviewed by CBS