We have worked extensively in the UK and internationally throughout our careers and in specific Arc commissioned client projects. This summary archive illustrates a sample of the wide range of locations and projects we have completed for investors and project sponsors at all market levels.

St Mary’s Works, Norwich: Market appraisal and feasibility

Working for the owners and in liaison with relevant architects, planners and valuers we assessed the rationale and market potential of including a hotel in a wider development scheme. The facility mix is being reviewed in the light of Arc and other specialist inputs and different market conditions.

Hotel in Kensington, London: Due diligence business and operational review

Review of a hotels business potential for a fund acting on behalf of a potential investor seeking to acquire a London Hotel. Valuations were in place but no business plan had been prepared and our role was to identify the businesses market positioning and potential. The hotel continues to be in operation although this particular bid did not materialise in a change of ownership.

Portsmouth FC: Market appraisal and feasibility

Assistance to management and owners in reviewing the market potential for a hotel on site in relation to future investment in the expansion of the business. Ongoing planning and investment considerations are yet to be further assessed after the effects of the current market conditions are reviewed.

Corporate conference and event centre: Business and operational review

Working for a major multinational business we supported the in house team in market research and in exploring different market opportunities and business models for an inhouse meetings facility. A new strategy was evolved for the facility to continue its business under a revised business model.

Dunkeld House hotel: Business and operational review, market appraisal and feasibility

On behalf of the funding partner backing a management team, we worked with valuers and investor led team to assess the market potential of a hotel acquisition. The hotel was acquired, has benefitted from investment and been relaunched under new management.

Lythe Hill Hotel & Spa

The local Council was faced with a set of plans for the redevelopment and expansion of Lythe Hill Hotel submitted by its new owners. These included an assessment of potential trading performance and plans for the expansion of the existing hotels facilities.  The location of the hotel, set in the Green Belt and in an Area of Outstanding National Beauty made these proposals very sensitive and required a thorough review of the appropriateness of the submitted plans.

Working with Hotel Solutions and our client our role was to assess the development scheme submitted by the new owners of Lythe Hill Hotel and their advisers. We carried out an assessment of the site, examined the proposed scheme in the context of the local and regional hotel market and comparable developments. Our recommendations which included commentary on the feasibility, market potential and scale of development were submitted to the Council for consideration as part of  its planning approval process.

Speke Hotel Development, Liverpool

Our client is in the process of considering a new hotel development and required independent research to appraise both its market and financial potential. We visited the site and engaged in in depth discussions with the owner to then provide: independent evidence of the market potential for a hotel on this greenfield site; recommendations for size and branding; indicative 5 year profit and loss estimates. Our work included a site visit, interviews with management, research into the city wide hotel market and local competition and  analysis of benchmark information.

From this market base we provided estimates of potential operating performance together with recommendations on branding and market positioning. The project has now received planning permission.

Tewinbury Farm Hotel, Herts, UK

The owners of this farm, having successfully developed a quality hotel on the site were considering expanding their facilities to include a Spa and also a respite centre. Located in an area of the Green Belt and being subject to planning restrictions our role was to work with the architect and panning consultant to establish a market case that could support the rationale for this development.

The application has been granted and funding is available for its development.