‘Don’t tell me you need a bridge, show me the river to cross’

Our services bridge the beginning of the client project journey to its end. They focus on active support in optimising sector specific projects from an early assessment stage through to implementing a defined business strategy.

Working in the UK

In the UK, we have helped venues such as the Ricoh Arena, Portsmouth Football Club and local councils assess the market case and feasibility for branded city centre and stadium hotels. This involved identifying the most appropriate management or brand offering to suit the respective market.

In another situation a major fund and its planning specialists needed sector support to create the business case for a lodge-based accommodation concept for a resort in Oxfordshire.

Independent Business reviews were also carried out for a wide-ranging portfolio of hotels and a resort and conference centre which identified strengths and weaknesses and strategic options going forward (including re-engineering their businesses, investing further or disposing of assets).

Working overseas

International activity included a tourism development strategy for Zambia requiring the preparation of visitor arrival projections whose numbers were then translated into national and regional accommodation requirements, including in underdeveloped locations with growth potential.

Visitor growth was supported by the preparation of marketing, investment, infrastructure and human resource strategies and recommendations for institutional, legal and policy framework change.

Strategic and cultural tourism development and planning assignments have also recently been undertaken in Botswana, China, Saudi Arabia and Zambia including the UNESCO World Heritage Silk Road city of Khiva, Uzbekistan.

Asset management

Actively supporting owners create asset value by working alongside the management team and other professionals in operating, property and commercial initiatives.

As  Asset Manager or Owner’s Representative we will take on a flexible role or  provide a set of monthly services that can cover various phases of a project or acquisition covering commercial due diligence, forward looking plans for operational and financial improvements through to post purchase asset management. We will:

  • Provide active supervision and advisory input to the Hotel Management team and Board
  • Strive to identify and optimize revenues and profit whilst improving the reputation of the business in the customers’ viewpoint.
  • Review budgeting process and assumptions
  • Report on progress related to  key business priorities and issues
  • Identify opportunities to create value through selective capital investment and implementing operational efficiencies
  • Manage portfolio performance and risk through asset acquisitions and disposals
  • Identify geographic and sector priorities
  • Maintain relationships with investor groups, real estate agents and brokers for discreet brokerage assignments
  • Help assess potential bid levels and strategic opportunities to buy or sell.

Concept development and business planning

Supporting Investors, Operators, Brands or Authorities in evolving their strategies for a Hotel/Resort, Market or Tourism Destination with:

  • Providing up to date market knowledge
  • Understanding of the competitive environment
  • Research and interpret benchmark information
  • Collaborative development and selection of appropriate concepts
  • Brand/Operator Selection
  • Undertake Commercial Due Diligence
  • Providing hotel/resort Pre-Opening advisory services

Market appraisal and feasibility

Our output provides an independent view of your project or concept at any stage to include:

  • Comprehensive Market, Viability and Project Studies outlining the Markets of Relevance
  • Site analysis and the components of the Project
  • Demand & Supply dynamics, analysis of Competitive Set & Benchmark data
  • Recommending appropriate Accommodation and hospitality concepts
  • Insight and Conclusions on Market Positioning
  • Financial Projections and Return of investment analysis
  • Tourism Economic Impact Assessments and Tourism Statistical Analysis

Business and operational review

Helping owners, investors, planning authorities and stakeholders understand and interpret underlying business dynamics and creating the commercial case through:

  • Site Visit and Analysis
  • General Manager and Operational team discussions
  • Review of key business elements
  • Local Market Overview & in-depth Competitive Review
  • Identifying target markets and potential sources of Revenue
  • Strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Market Positioning and Competitive pricing analysis
  • Assessment of Revenue per Available room (RevPar) potential
  • Marketing, Revenue Management and Distribution Channels
  • Analysis of Operating Expenses & Overhead efficiencies
  • Profit & Loss Statement Reviews to EBITDA level
  • Capital expenditure recommendations

Tourism master planning

Advising Governments, International Agencies and International Development Banks with macro-level strategic guidance for national and regional development of the tourism sector, in association with our Specialist Consultant Network covering:

  • Tourism land use planning
  • Tourism architectural and urban planning
  • Tourism infrastructure planning
  • Tourism market analysis and planning
  • Eco-tourism and cultural heritage analysis
  • Tourism product development
  • Tourism visitor arrival projections
  • Tourism economic impact projections
  • Tourism human resources analysis
  • Tourism policy and institutional strengthening

Tourism development

Advising Governments, International Agencies, International Development Banks and Private Sector Investors with specialist guidance in the following areas:

  • Tourism Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account
  • Tourism product identification and evaluation
  • Situation and market analyses with development recommendations
  • Investment options appraisals
  • Market and financial feasibility studies for project investments
  • Tourism investment climate and incentives analysis
  • Cultural heritage and eco-tourism studies
  • Tourism policy and institutional strengthening