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Hospitality Headlines Say It All – Or do They?

A Bleak Landscape The headlines do, to an extent, say it all. It’s a challenging time - but does the mood music match reality or only selected elements of it? We explore current issues facing the sector here. News bulletins and posts focus on the relatively weak economic environment. This presents nothing but negatives: consumers are tightening their belts, interest…
Food for thought

The big climb back: Unlocking a path to reset post pandemic

As prospects for normality finally seem within reach, business leaders, investors, employees, suppliers and the professional community are all planning their respective climbs back up the mountain. The path to a reset is becoming clearer, if still surrounded in uncertainty....we explore how this will evolve in our article below. A shot in the arm will enable both winners and losers…
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2021: A changed landscape

2021 is likely to be an experiment but at least it will be the start of ‘the road back’ to a radically changed landscape. Iconic landmarks, now devoid of people will become an image of the past. Arc Consulting Partners have been active in this period. We have seen some venues and concepts (backed by longer term investors) planning for…
January 10, 2021
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From hero to zero and back again

Hotel businesses took a battering that has recorded unheard of room occupancies of 0% to 15% alongside closed pubs, empty restaurants, and a food and a beverage offering limited to take-aways and home delivery. Plummeting investment Uncertain market conditions took hold, investment plummeted and jobs were lost. Whitbread announced 1,500 redundancies against earlier predictions of 6,000; by now means good…
November 23, 2020
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Botswana regional tourism master plan

This location includes Chobe National Park and the Chobe River which together represent one of Botswana’s richest wildlife areas and it is where both the Chobe and Zambezi rivers join and the point at which Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe meet. Kasane-Kazungula has been a growing wildlife tourism destination for some years and its one hour drive time from the…
October 10, 2020