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Hospitality Headlines Say It All – Or do They?

A Bleak Landscape The headlines do, to an extent, say it all. It’s a challenging time - but does the mood music match reality or only selected elements of it? We explore current issues facing the sector here. News bulletins and posts focus on the relatively weak economic environment. This presents nothing but negatives: consumers are tightening their belts, interest…
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Challenge: Create a Resort Vision

Complexity to Simplicity - Creating a Resort Vision The Challenge Some sites and market opportunities have ready-made solutions almost 'off the shelf' but recently we were faced with a more challenging situation in a European setting. An initial assessment raised several clear obstacles to be overcome from a market, operational, competition and topographical perspective. These included access, environmental issues, planning…

Exploring solutions in a changing hospitality and tourism market

People are starting to say ‘Hello’ again, face to face As companies and investors seek to either re-open, re-structure or re-imagine their original business concepts in dramatic and highly challenging market conditions, our in depth hospitality and tourism sector experience is available to help you reset your business priorities. Changing market conditions may, in some cases, open up new and different opportunities that will…
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2021: A changed landscape

2021 is likely to be an experiment but at least it will be the start of ‘the road back’ to a radically changed landscape. Iconic landmarks, now devoid of people will become an image of the past. Arc Consulting Partners have been active in this period. We have seen some venues and concepts (backed by longer term investors) planning for…
January 10, 2021
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From hero to zero and back again

Hotel businesses took a battering that has recorded unheard of room occupancies of 0% to 15% alongside closed pubs, empty restaurants, and a food and a beverage offering limited to take-aways and home delivery. Plummeting investment Uncertain market conditions took hold, investment plummeted and jobs were lost. Whitbread announced 1,500 redundancies against earlier predictions of 6,000; by now means good…
November 23, 2020